Insta 360 One RS Camera (1-Inch Edition)

Brand: INSTA360

Product Code: E0XZTGKWUV

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The Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch Edition Camera is a modular action camera system with interchangeable lenses. It includes the Core RS module, 1-Inch wide-angle lens, battery base, and mounting bracket. The 1-Inch Lens features a large 1" sensor for enhanced low light performance and captures up to 5.3K30, 4K60, and 1080p120 resolution video, and it also captures 19MP JPG and raw photos. A 4K Boost Lens and a 360 Lens are also available separately and can be swapped in for added versatility.

The ONE RS builds on the ONE R by offering faster Wi-Fi transfers, three mics for crisper audio, updated built-in FlowState stabilization, an integrated 1445mAh battery that has 21% more capacity, and an easy-to-mount bracket. The Core module functions as the brain, and its touchscreen features a live-view display with controls, and it is reversible so the display can be used for selfie/vlog shots. The 1-Inch Lens and Core module mount side by side on the Battery Base, connecting to electronic contacts on it.

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