Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D (DJI DL Mount)

Brand: LAOWA

Product Code: E0KAI6LVQZ

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Designed for the X7 gimbal on the DJI Inspire 2 drone.

Ultra wide-angle DL mount prime designed for APS-C Super 35 sensors, this 9mm f/2.8 provides a 13.5mm equivalent focal length.

Relatively fast f/2.8 maximum aperture low-light shooting applications.

Renders subjects with minimal distortion to suit landscape and architectural applications.

Three extra-low dispersion elements reduce chromatic aberrations and color fringing for increased clarity and color neutrality. Two aspherical elements are also featured to limit spherical aberrations for improved sharpness.

Manual focus design permits working with subjects as close as 4.7" away with a maximum magnification ratio of 1:7.5.

This lens can accept 49mm screw-in filters on the front of the lens.

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