Samyang Xeen CF 35mm T1.5 (Sony E Mount)


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Bright T1.5 aperture enables filming in low-light situations and give full control over feeling of depth.

Compatible with large image sensors (43.3mm image circle).

X-Coating provides distinctive look by controlling internal reflection and produces dramatic images.

11 aperture blades create beautiful, circular bokeh.

Carbon Fibre in lens barrel delivers light weight and durability.

Standard Ø95mm front size is fully compatible with matte boxes.

Luminous paint used for model and distance markings allows effortless use, even in extremely low-light environments

Focus and aperture ring locations uniform across all models, with improved gear design and weighting for smooth rotation.

Consistent 200-degree wide angle of rotation enables fine focus adjustment.

Bidirectional scale on both sides of lens body enables easy verification and operation.

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